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Discover the essence of Zanzibar Islands with these exciting tours & activities


You don't need to sweat organizing your trip to Zanzibar - we can organize and put your itinerary together while you relax.

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Tours in Stone Town is that the aides bring up all the small subtleties of the design, things that you could never see all alone just as clarifying a ton about the way of life and the historical backdrop of the island, the Omani kings and Princess Salme, a women's activist and agitator who composed Memoirs of an Arabian Princess from Zanzibar. Stone town tour in Zanzibar is a remarkable private guided walking tour. We can arrange the pickup from your hotel and return.

Historical Stone Town

it takes 3 hours walking tour whereby tourists will get the occasion to find the historical destinations and who are Zanzibar island individuals along with their everyday activities. The tour can either starts at the place of wonder or close to Darajani City Market. Other interesting and educating things to know during the tour include all the historical zones and landmarks. Ultimately, this Stone Town Tour is one of the most sweltering day tours in Zanzibar Island, it is the main channel to fi nd the set of experiences and bedraggled structures, cosmopolitan individuals, and shopping.

Anchor-Prison Island

Prison Island Tour

Prison Island or Changuu Island, a half-day trip from Zanzibar, with time to swim, snorkel, and sunbathe. Just a 30-minute boat ride from Stone Town, Prison Island has a beautiful beach, clean water, and fascinating history as a yellow fever quarantine station. Both morning and afternoon departures to Prison Island are available, and the trip includes hotel transfers and all entrance fees. Visit a pristine island that's close to Stone Town See giant land tortoises once brought from the Seychelles Swim from a clean beach with clear water Choice of morning or afternoon departure

tortoises prison island.jpeg

Spice Tour Zanzibar was known as the spice island during the nineteenth century. Clove cultivating specifically prospered in the island in view of the rich soils and heat and humidity. Later on, ginger, vanilla, cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, and nutmeg were presented for huge scope development. Developing of what to do in Zanzibar spices is still mainstream and rewarding on the island. It is feasible for tourists to proceed to visit these plantations to find out about how spices are developed and the significant job they play in the economy of Zanzibar. While visiting the Spice Plantation, expect to taste and smell items from cinnamon, breadfruit, lime, coconut, cloves, nutmegs, dark pepper, coriander, bananas, jackfruits, mangoes, and dark pepper. You can likewise figure out how to prepare nearby food utilizing the species filled in the estate. Notwithstanding the plantation you are opportune to tour, a Spice tour in Zanzibar is educative and takes somewhere in the range of two and three hours. Zanzibar - the "Spice Island" renowned for its spices, for example, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, pepper and that's just the beginning, is situated in the Indian sea about 40km east of Tanzania and is essential for an archipelago comprised of Zanzibar which is otherwise called Unguja however more broadly known as Zanzibar, Pemba which is located at North-East from Zanzibar and more modest islets encompassing Zanzibar. Importantly, we are the best tour specialist that off­ers this tour.

Spice Tour

Dolphin Tour Adventure

jumping dolphins.jpg

Dolphin excursion Zanzibar is encircled by the Indian Ocean, which is protected from sharks, and is a flawless warm temperature consistently - making this spot ideal for fearless water sports! One of the most astonishing tour/excursion packages accessible is the Dolphin Tour. This schedule ordinarily goes on for a long time, and starts with a daring minute on a traditional dhow and ending with unwinding on a heaven beach. Moreover, the island is honored with its lovely nature and white sandy beaches, making it a safe house for honeymooners and all individuals looking for peaceful nature away from exciting and fun living. In general, Dolphins love to play around the boats. And there are acceptable occasions to bounce in the completely clear waters and swim very near the dolphins. This tour is of added advantage especially in the afternoon to keep away from the principal tourist traffic that begins toward the beginning of the day, can as well as be in the morning

Nakupenda Sandbank.jpg

Nakupenda Sandbank Adventure

Nakupenda Sand bank is located just o­ff Stone Town. Around 20 minutes local boat riding from Stone Town. Once on the sandbank, you will be provided with snorkeling equipment such as masks for Snorkeling purposes.  The underwater world at Nakupenda Sandbank is unbelievably spectacular. There are countless colorful sea creatures that survive among the coral reefs and underwater plants which together form the barrier reef ecosystem.  You will also do sandbank relaxing and try tropical fruits during or after snorkeling; fruits like Banana, Pineapple, Mangoes, Watermelon etc.

Kuza Cave Tour

Kuza cave o­ffers a unique experience for adventurous nature-lovers. Discover the ancient limestone cave and crystal clear healing mineral water pool. See artefacts from the cave and a timeline of Swahili history going back to the beginning of our story as humans originating in East Africa. You will walk across a small bridge and a few steps to the base of the well-lit cave to find a large pool formed by a subterranean river. The area is a wildlife sanctuary for dozens of monkeys, birds, butterflies and bush babies. Our Culture Centre invites you to enjoy Swahili music, drumming and dancing with our onsite artists. Stay for the day and learn the secrets to Swahili cooking. You will learn how to gently blend Zanzibar spices and make fresh coconut milk curry. Don't miss out on discovering this hidden gem tucked away in the tropical jungle of Jambiani -you will be surprised!

kuza Cave.jpg

Jozani forest t is best known for its red colobus monkeys, which are endemic to Zanzibar. About 20 years ago, the monkeys were considered to be in danger of extinction. This trend has since reversed due to the conservation project. There are about 6000 red colobus monkeys residing in Jozani Forest. After visiting the red colobus, you will walk across to the Pete-Jozani Mangrove Boardwalk. It entwines through coral thicket vegetation, mangrove forest and across a creek. You walk through mangrove forest which is extremely crucial to Zanzibar’s ecosystems, providing a habitat for many lizards, snakes and birdlife as well as preventing the coastal erosion. Jozani Forest is situated 38 km southeast from Stone Town. In 1995, the Jozani Chwaka Bay Conservation Project was set up to protect the largest remaining patch of indigenous ground-water forest that used to cover Zanzibar. Local communities are involved in the project and some of your entrance fee contributes to development projects and to compensate local farmers whose crops are often damaged by the red colobus monkeys. Jozani Forest has several habitats including swamp forest, evergreen thickets, mangroves, as well as a variety of wildlife, including sykes and red colobus monkeys, bush pigs, Ader’s duiker and suni antelopes, elephant shrews, chameleons and lots of birdlife.

Jozani Forest.JPG

Jozani Forest Tour

Sunset Cruise

Sunset Cruising.png

Sunset cruise This is a late afternoon trip which gives new experience to tourists who love unique photos and enjoying the evening sailing in a dhow sunset show cruise is a daily trip which can be done either in stone town or Nungwi beach, if tourist main point is only sunset we highly recommend that they can do it at the closer destination to avoid transport costs, but there are those who requires something specifically e.g. sunset dhow cruise in stone town has got unique and magnificent favor due to the amazing sea front of the ancient town, the view of the sultan buildings and the harmonious dhows and the Forodhani garden. While for those who decide to sail within nungwi beach they may experience peculiar scenario where as range of beach bungalows give what is seemed as truly touristic destination. We depart from the o­-shore at 5pm, and we always return just after the sun is down.

mnemba island.jpg

Mnemba Island, an island or­ the northeast coast of Zanzibar, is one of the best places in Zanzibar Islands to go snorkeling. This day trip is the easy way to experience the underwater world of Zanzibar.  The underwater world at Mnemba Island is unbelievably spectacular. There are countless colorful fishes and other sea creatures that survive among the coral reefs and underwater plants which together form the barrier reef ecosystem.  Fishing activities are forbidden near Mnemba Island, which creates a paradise for a variety of sea creatures around the Island.

Mnemba Island Tour

Anchor-Safari Blue

Safari Blue Adventure

Safari Blue2.jpg

Safari blue a full day sailing around mangroves and snorkeling along Menai bay, which is one of the best coral reefs in Zanzibar. Main activities on this day are visiting Kwale Island, sandbank relaxing, swimming and snorkeling.  The underwater world at Menai bay is unbelievably spectacular. You will witness countless colorful sea creatures that survive among the coral reefs and underwater plants which together form the barrier reef ecosystem in the bay. Join us and enjoy the fresh seafood barbeque; Octopus, Lobsters, squids, Calamari’s, Fish. Exotic fresh fruit tasting like Banana, Watermelon, Pineapple, Mangoes. This will be the best adventurous day for your stay in Zanzibar Islands, and you will understand why we call this “Safari blue”

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